Pharmaceutical sector

We combine profound understanding of the pharmaceutical market with specialist legal knowledge in the field of regulatory and reimbursement matters related to product marketing and business development. Thanks to this unique capability, we create solutions taking into account the specificity of the sector and help our clients achieve their business goals and gain competitive advantage.

We provide services to numerous organizations operating in the pharmaceutical sector, including domestic and foreign entrepreneurs as well as large international corporations. We work for entrepreneurs operating at every stage of the distribution chain of medicinal products: market authorization holders, manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, and pharmacies. We also advise consulting companies and clients conducting research and development in the pharmaceutical sector.

Our experience includes conducting legal projects for pharmaceutical entrepreneurs in the field of intellectual property law, competition law, advertising law, labour law, compliance, and personal data protection law. We also draft contracts typical for the pharmaceutical market (including international market) and conduct court proceedings. We provide support in the protection of intellectual property and closely cooperate with patent attorneys specialized in the pharmaceutical sector. We have extensive experience in representing entrepreneurs in disputes in the field of patent law, trademarks, and unfair competition, in particular those requiring taking into account the specific character of the pharmaceutical market.

We are active in industry organizations and, among others, participate in creating proposals for legislative changes significant for this sector.

We also provide specialist support in the area of labour law and compliance for entrepreneurs marketing medicinal products.